Students receive lesson of life as a Beaumont police officer

Children are our future and a group of high schoolers are spending their summer preparing for their careers in law enforcement.

In the Beaumont Police Department's Youth and Law Enforcement Academy, students get a look inside a police officer's world.  For 2 weeks and 8 hours each day, students receive a glimpse of life behind the badge.

Lessons include learning the penal code, areas of the law, areas of expertise, traffic stops, and SWAT standoffs.

"I guarantee everyone of these kids are gonna have a different opinion of what a police officer is and what they're all about," says Officer Doug Kibodeaux. 

The teachers provide real life experiences; something that can't be found in a textbook.

"It's easier to learn from somebody that's done it and knows what works and what doesn't work than somebody that's just learned from a book and hasn't applied any of that to see if it actually works," says student Kaden Brown. 

Student Kenneth Scott agrees. "When you're listening from a cops point of view and the way they're explaining from their past, you can see 'oh ok that's how they do it," he says.

After the officer puts on his flashers and handcuffs his criminal, a big part of the job takes place back at the station.

"There's more of just the running and gunning and chasing people down. There's all kinds of stuff afterwards like paperwork," says Brown. 

That's a lesson he received from his teachers.

"There's a lot of paperwork involved.  You never see that on TV," says Officer Kibodeaux.

Another lesson could be the main lesson: protecting the community.

"People choose the wrong choices and the police officers just have to do what they have to do to get them off the streets and to make the community a better place to live," says Scott.

The students involved in Y.A.L.E. graduated Friday. 

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