Students paint mural at Art Museum of Southeast Texas

18 Odom Academy middle school students help to show the art as young docents at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, but this week, they are creating the art.

Texas artist, Sally Chandler created "The Lost World," which consists of 86 pieces of art that act as a time capsule about a society on the edge. It illustrates a world Chandler believes is lost to technology.  She shows 12 News HD one of the pieces saying, "This is based on the British reading room found in the British museum, which is no more. They've changed it, which is so sad and the moths symbolize the change, the decay."

The 18 Odom Academy eighth graders learn from the artist and came up with their own interpretations of what "The Lost World" means to them.  Imrana Riaz explains what it means to her saying, "I just remember when I was little. I used to see the stars all the time. They used to look really pretty and now you don't see them any more. So it's kind of like a childhood memory."

Budding artists painted their interpretation on 18 panels that make up the mural that is displayed on the Conn Take Part Children's Education Gallery wall and will welcome viewers to Chandler's "The Lost World Exhibit."

Chandler says, "I talked to the children about using your hands and creating with your hands and when you do that, it puts you into a space and deep reflection."

The student artist and the artist all hope that with each stroke in the mural and in each piece of art, that it takes you back to the past; the place of a simpler time.

Chandler says, "I want people to think, stop and reflect and to think what we are loosing."

Riaz says its about, "The things that you need to remember, to hold on to, to make sure they don't get lost forever."

"The Lost World" exhibit will be on display from Friday, April 19 through Sunday, June 30.


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