Students feel neglected, ignored by Beaumont I.S.D.

Since Carrol Thomas, Ed.D. became Superintendent for the Beaumont Independent School District the motto has been 'It's all about the children' 

But some students from each of Beaumont's high schools do not feel that way at all. After last week's budget board meeting, West Brook Freshman Sonja Beckman tweeted 'I wish BISD would just let the students of their schools speak & tell them how we feel.' 

"In my opinion the school board doesn't care. They obviously don't have much interest in the students. Their future is set in stone. They have jobs, they have families, they have a position on the school board, they have money, they have money to last the rest of their life and we don't." Beckman said.

The district is currently in the midst of a financial emergency with mass layoffs on the way. Since the announcement teachers have been in fear of losing their jobs. West Brook Freshman Ashley Westbrooks says she finds it appalling that the district could resort to letting teachers go. She agrees with the Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams who has told the district to start layoffs in administration. 

"I think it's very sad that they have to be the ones that actually help us, benefit our education and they're the ones getting laid off. They rather fire two teachers than one person who doesn't work as hard," Westbrooks said. 

Juan Chan is a Junior at Central Medical Magnet High School. He is a product of Fletcher Elementary but didn't learn English until middle school. 

"BISD and the administration, they don't care about us. They (teachers) are the ones that focus on us, making sure that we get our education and pass the STAAR test. For trustees, as long as they have a good percentage of graduates in their ranking lists, that's enough," Chan said. 

Ozen High School Junior Montrell Harmon's opinion of the board and Superintendent Timothy Chargois, Ed.D. isn't much different.  

"Ain't really nothing you can tell them. They still going to do what they do," Harmon said of the district. 

If it is truly about the children as BISD has said many times then students ask the district to start taking notes. They want and they need their teachers.  
"She can get me to where in need to go in the future. Right now I'm a junior. She's my ticket out when I graduate. If she gets laid off I don't know what I'm gogoing too," Harmon said of his Video Technology teacher. 

"Six out of seven teachers I have this year do the same thing. They stay after school regardless if they get paid or not to teach us the best," Chan said of his Central high school teachers. 

At West Brook high school both Beckman and Westbrooks say they are expecting to lose a great teacher to seniority. 

"She's like a role model, someone to look up to. Always someone we could talk to and she's leaving. That's sad to us because we still have three years left and she's a great teacher," Beckman said.


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