Special Report: Family Crime Fighters

Donta and Jonta Miller have a few things in common. They're both athletes, though they'll joke about who's better.
"I have to give it to him," Donta said laughing.

They both work for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and they're twin brothers. 

"We're 29," Donta said. 

12 News asked the brothers who's older. 

"Me, by 10 minutes," Donta said.

 "9 minutes," Jonta said correcting his brother.

"9 minutes and 33 seconds to be exact." Donta said.

Jonta is a warrant deputy often taking to the streets to round up some of Jefferson County's most wanted. 

As a Sergeant in the narcotics division, Donta typically stays in the office doing paper work and assisting co-workers.

But at times the two will call on each other for help. 

Like during this bust in September when Jonte was serving a high profile warrant and discovered one of the biggest drug operations in recent history. 

"I got inside the house, discovered the drugs in plain view. I immediately called him (Donte) and he came over, got a search warrant typed up. The rest is history," Jonte said.

Donte was the first to enter law enforcement as a patrol deputy for the Hardin County Sheriff's Office in 2002 before moving to Jefferson County. '

Jonte soon followed in his brothers footsteps but would start his career in the JCSO.

"He started before me, I rode out with him a couple of times, liked it. Decided it was the career I wanted to go to," Jonte said. 

"We try to perfect it. I know we're not perfect. We'll both tell you that but we learn everyday," Donte said. 

Though the duo rarely works side by side, there are times when the two are called on to perform high risk operations as members of the swat team.

"Most of the only time we get together is when we are at swat practice or a swat call out. When we get back together it's like we're kids again," Jonte said.

The Beaumont Police Department has it's own crime fighting families. 

For more than 20 years Dispatch Supervisor Kelly Schuldt has been a voice behind police scanners being a communicator between police and crime victims. 

"It's an adrenaline rush. Like if there is a car chase or a runner as they call it. You're in it, even if you can't see it," Kelly said of being in dispatch. 

In that time, she's met a lot of people in the police department including the man who would eventually become her husband, Chris Schuldt. 

"There were no cell phones back then. You couldn't text. You had to talk on the phone or in person," Chris said of his early relationship with his wife.

Chris met Kelly during his early years in BPD when he was a patrol officer. While out on patrol it was often Kelly's voice coming through the radio. 

"When we 1st got married, when he first started talking on the radio I would think why is he so mad. I'd get him to call and ask why are you mad. He'd say I'm not mad. I'd say you need to change your voice because you sound mad," Kelly said giggling at her husband. 

Chris is now a Lieutenant and Task Force Commander with the with the Southeast Texas Auto Theft Task Force. 

He's at the head of a department devoted to stopping car thieves one of the tougher crimes to solve. 

"We try as fast as we can to run leads down and find who did it to make an arrest and bring somebody to justice," Chris said.

Husband and wife, twin brothers, blue bloods. Different duos with a common goal. They count on each other as family crime fighters. 

"It helps to be married to your best friend," Chris said. 

 "He's my homie, that's what I call him." Donte said of his brother. "My best friend, savior." Jonte said back to his twin.



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