Space needed for giant model railroad

After 44 years of building this railroad display and about $150,000 later David Malloch will soon have no place to put his trains.

Right now Malloch owns a 1,000 square foot building that is filled wall to wall with a model trains, in a city he calls Centreville.

If this city was true to size it would be about as big as Beaumont.

Malloch designed the railroad to replicate the mid-20th century when both steam and diesel-electric trains were carrying cargo as well as people.

"You're looking at preserving history getting an understanding of travel," said Malloch.

It takes a half an hour for a train to make it all the way around the tracks and more than 3,000 feet of telephone wire help activate the switches that run the trains.

Now that he and his wife are moving to the Calder Woods senior community Malloch needs a place to put the trains.

The marketing director at Calder Woods says it's possible the intricately detailed display could be moved to the senior living facility.

Problem is Calder Woods currently does not have the space or staff to accommodate the trains.

Malloch just hopes the trains will stay in Beaumont.


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