Southeast Texas teen receives Spa Day Grant

It's prom season and through a new grant from the Mostyn Moreno Foundation, three lucky Texas teens received a prom package to help them on their special day.  19 year-old Brittany Smith has a mild case of cerebral palsy and was the only girl in Southeast Texas to receive the grant.  We caught up with her at Beau Visage in Nederland where she was enjoying her spa day.

Getting your hair and makeup done is part of that special prom experience. But 19-year-old Brittany Smith has never had that experience, until now.  She explains what the grant helped her do, she says, "I got to buy my prom dress and shoes.  I got to do all this at spa day and I still have money left over to go eat with my friends."

It's all made possible through a new grant from the Mostyn Moreno Foundation. The Spa Day Grant gives girls with special needs who were attending public high school the opportunity to feel like a pampered princess for a day.

Brittany's older sister, Joni Young says, "She's been up since 4:30 this morning because she was so excited."

In order to receive the grant, Brittany wrote an essay explaining that she lives with her father, so there's no female role model in her home and she's never been to a spa.  Going to a spa would be a great new experience.

Smith says, "I was getting my facial and the cucumber on my eyes, I was like imagining myself in a movie."

But more than feeling like a movie star, Brittany's sister, Joni, is hoping this experience will paint the way for them to spend more girl time together.  Young says, "I'm just happy she is doing this.  I know it's helping her to see the other side of things.  I know living with her dad, it's different when you don't have a female role model there."

Young also says the spa day is giving Brittany much more  than that girly experience just for the day, "I know this is going to make her Senior year even better than what it is already going to be, because I know that she didn't want to go and now she's getting pampered and she's going to fulfill her Senior year.

Not only did the spa day  grant help Brittany Smith fulfil her senior year, but it helped her create a memory of a lifetime.

On the phone, Brittany's father, Barry Smith, told 12 News that this daughter is a very sweet and loving girl and the is very proud of her for writing the essay and winning the grant.  


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