Southeast Texans' personal information leaked by credit company

Yesterday 12 News HD learned that clients' private information, including social security numbers and driver license photos, was available to the public over the Internet.

The images in the video above are those of Southeast Texans, blurred to protect their privacy. They show copies of social security cards, driver licenses, and personal addresses. They're all former clients of, and anyone could view them yesterday with a quick Google search.

"It's mind boggling how this happened," Jason Cattell, the owner of, told us Thursday afternoon.

He says he was shocked when he was told the information was public.

"We do have a secure server, and that's supposed to prevent this from happening, it's encrypted, so you would think that this couldn't happen...but it did happen," he said.

He says only former clients' profiles were leaked, and only through Google. Cattell says Google bots, which search the Internet for information, somehow breached the company's private files.

"We just need to be ultra ultra careful, and make sure this doesn't happen anymore," Cattell said.

CreditBuilderz currently has an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau, but after yesterday's security breach, the BBB says they're going to work with the company to find out what happened.

Jay Sheppard of the BBB said, "We want to know what happened, we want to know what measures were in place prior to the breach, and what caused the breach."

The files were no longer available to view today. Cattell says there's no way of knowing how many clients may have been affected, but says he has a plan.

"The only logical thing that I can do is offer them a paid subscription to Life Lock, at our expense, for 12 months. What that does is it gives them a million dollars worth of identity theft insurance coverage," he said.

And says there's no reason for any current CreditBuilderz clients to worry about their privacy.

Cattell says the company is going to contact representatives from Google to figure out exactly what happened.

If you think you may be one the clients whose information was released, the Better Business Bureau says the first thing you should do is call your bank and credit company.  



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