'SNL' star: Unaired Justin Bieber sketch was 'greatest trainwreck ever'

Courtesy NBC News

Even if you watched the recent "Saturday Night Live" episode where Justin Bieber hosted, you missed this sketch. And for good reason. It may go down in history as one of "SNL's" worst ever.

In the bit, called "Song for Daddy," Bieber played the keyboard-playing son of a rambling country singer (played by Bill Hader) during an appearance on the "Steve Harvey" show.

The Hader-dominated sketch went over like a lead balloon with the young, Bieber-fan-filled audience. And in one part of the scene, a wall almost fell over on the teen singer, making him jump out of character and exclaim, "that's not part of it!"

The seven-minute sketch wasn't aired, but now the dress rehearsal version has been released, along with commentary where Hader and writers Rob Klein and John Solomon take viewers through the sketch and explain every excruciating failure.

When the wall almost fell on Bieber, Hader tried to stay in character, saying, "Oh, stage almost fell on you, son; that would've sucked." But Bieber was panicked. "He's really scared right there," Hader points out, adding that the stage manager told him to continue despite the near-miss.

The sketch also fell down thanks to audience obedience. In one scene, Hader tells the audience he's going to yell "Preserve!" and they should yell back, "Social Security!" The joke was that the cameras would cut to an audience of extras shifting uncomfortably and remaining silent. But the dress rehearsal's actual audience wasn't in on the plan, and obediently shouted back the response. As the audience responds, Hader mutters, "Not supposed to say..."

In another scene, Hader's character asks for a funny hat, and the crew doesn't have it, so he has to improvise. "I was supposed to have a prop hat," he says in the commentary. " (The crew) is going like this ... they're shrugging." Later, Hader tries to put a kazoo in a looped holder over his head, but it won't fit over his cowboy hat. "We didn't work this out," he says, laughing, as a crew member has to help Hader remove the hat.

Hader also points out a confused fan in the front row who twice loudly asks "WHAT?" when a joke fails.

By the end, the sketch features Hader playing a four-necked hot pink guitar, Bieber wearing a King Tut headdress and Hulk Hands, and for some reason, a giraffe tromping across the stage.

"I must say I still love this even though no one was laughing," cracks Klein.


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