Snakes, rats, rabbits seized from Beaumont home

Beaumont Animal Services seized pythons, Columbian red tail boa constrictors, rats and rabbits from a home Monday afternoon.

Officers on the scene told 12News they seized the pets because neighbors began complaining that the animals were roaming free in the yard. Officers say this is also a cruelty to animals case.

Officers say it's the first time they've experienced this type of seizure which included confiscating 6 live snakes, 5 rats, and 2 rabbits from a home in the 1900 block of Neches.

Among the seized were six constrictor snakes, one 12ft Burmese Python that weighed over 120lbs, two Rosy Boa's over 6 feet long, one Red Tail Boa 6ft long, one Ball Python about 3ft long, and one Silver Argentine Red Tail that is 5 ft long.

They say there were 10 dead rats seized and one dead rabbit.

Beaumont police assisted with the seizure and tell 12News the renters of the home let the pets run freely.

Police say several snakes escaped the house recently and got run over by vehicles in the street. The owners cooperated with police and a seizure hearing will be held on Wednesday in Justice of the Peace Nancy Beaulieu's courtroom.

Beaumont Animal Services is a division within the Beaumont Police Department. 


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