Silver Sneakers provides fun, fellowship and good health

Silver sneakers is a fitness program aimed at helping those over 50 live healthy, active life styles. But at the Port Arthur YMCA the class isn't just all about the exercise. It's about the fun and the fellowship too.

For 64 year-old Brenda LaBlanc, the Silver Sneakers class has made her life a lot more colorful in her golden years.

LaBlanc tells 12News, "Before all I used to do is sit in a chair and watch TV and eat."

But she doesn't do that anymore. Since starting Silver Sneakers almost two years ago at the Port Arthur YMCA, she has lost 48 pounds and has gained a ton more energy.

LeBlanc says, "Its so much different now. I'm getting into clothes I couldn't get into before. I can actually get down and tie my shoes. I can sit on the floor. Before I couldn't."

But the class isn't just all about the exercise and her husband, Geoald, comes with her on special occasions like Tuesday's Mardi Gras party, and he has seen the benefits of attending class.

She laughs a lot more now. She's got more energy," said Geoald.

Brenda says, "Yeah, he can't keep up with me now."

Mary Prioux has been teaching the Silver Sneakers class for nine years now.

"Because it's a 45 minute class, we do balls, we do tubes and we do weights," said Prioux.

But she sees it's not just about the exercise and tells 12 News, "When I come in, They're all just chirping around and enjoying each other's company."

LaBlanc says, "Some people say exercise classes are dull or boring. This one is never boring because you don't ever know what's going to happen in this one."

So whether its exercising, or socializing, the Silver Sneakers class adds a bright spot to every week.

The celebrate just about every holiday and next week they will celebrate Valentines Day. There are six Silver Sneakers classes offered throughout the week and that includes a silver yoga stretch class and a silver splash class. For more information you can contact the YMCA in Port Arthur.


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