Severely abused baby girl expected to survive

Angel Fields could hardly keep her composure as she described the condition in which she found one-month-old Faith Mason this weekend, but she was composed enough to know something was seriously wrong with her baby cousin.

The girl was crying, and Fields says her arm was severely swollen.

Fields immediately took her to Christus Hospital St. Mary in Port Arthur.  Doctors recognized Faith was a victim of abuse and called police.

Port Arthur police department's deputy chief, Major Raymond Clark said, "Horrific is not the word, I've been doing this job for 36 years.  It's the most damage to a baby that's lived that I've ever seen."

Clark says police have an idea who hurt baby Faith, and say the person is a family member, but he's not releasing who it is.  He says it could be two weeks before charges are filed.  Clark says, "There's no rush to make this thing happen."

Faith suffered a total of 19 fractures, including a broken neck, broken arms and legs, a dislocated shoulder and brain bleed.  But Major Clark says she's expected to survive.  However authorities don't know what her quality of life will be.

He said, "I think if the baby had not come to the hospital at the time she did, she would not be alive today."

That's why police consider Fields a hero for taking her young cousin to the hospital.

Fields said this about the baby, "She's a blessed baby, a miracle baby that has made it through pain and suffering, made it through."


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