Several Silsbee H.S. students attacked at West Orange-Stark campus

Silsbee resident Nora Hamilton is extremely frustrated. It's a frustration that stems from another explosion of violence. She says it seems like it happens every time the Silsbee Tigers compete at West Orange-Stark High School.

"When they come to our area nothing is done, but every time we venture out to them we get jumped," Hamilton said.

Hamilton says both of her daughters and about eight other members of the Silsbee Track & Field team were jumped by West Orange-Stark students after Thursday's meet at West Orange-Stark.

"They're not doing real good," Hamilton said about her daughters.

"Because they're not used to anything like this... we had kids bleeding all over the place."

Hamilton said her daughters were leaving the track after the meet and were heading to the bus when they were attacked by a group of people from behind. She says they were punched and kicked, even when they were on the ground. Hamilton took her youngest daughter to the hospital Friday for examination of a knot on the side of her head. 

Parents say this isn't the first time an incident like this has happened between these two schools at the WO-S campus, citing a similar incident that happened after a basketball game back in January.
"We're just pretty much fed up with our kids having to go over there and being subjected to that type of treatment," said Tamika Renfro, co-founder of the 100 Young Voices Youth Organization, which champions the interests of kids and teens in the Silsbee community.

"Law enforcement, the city, the district... whoever... they need to step up and protect our kids," said Eric Foster, also a member of 100 Young Voices.

In response to Thursday night's events, West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent James Colbert issued the following statement to 12News:

"Last night at the conclusion of a very successful 21-3A Track & Field Meet, there were some unfortunate incidents that involved West Orange -Stark High School students and Silsbee students. As the superintendent of West Orange-Cove, I would sincerely like to apologize to Silsbee for the actions of our students. We are currently in the process of identifying the participants involved; and, once we conclude our investigation, we will take swift and appropriate disciplinary actions. Moving forward, we are making extensive plans to ensure the safety of spectators and participants at all events at West Orange-Cove schools."

And Silsbee ISD Superintendent Richard Bain issued this statement:

"First and foremost for me, as superintendent of Silsbee ISD, is to ensure the safety of our students in school and at school activities.   In light of the events from the district track meet last night in West Orange, I have left word for the superintendent of West Orange Cove to call me so assurances can be made for the safety of our students when we travel to his district.  There are numerous parents from Silsbee who have contacted me today and are hesitant to allow their children to return to West Orange for sporting events as a result of the altercations that occurred last night and at previous events held in West Orange.  Our athletic director called the district chairman to see if it was possible to have the Area Track Meet, which is to be held in West Orange next Thursday, moved to an alternate location, but was told that was not possible." 

Parents say none of the students involved in the attack suffered serious injuries.


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