SBOE member asks Texas Attorney General & Commissioner of Education to stop BISD board from more...

 State Board of Education member David Bradley, who represents Southeast Texas, is asking for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Commissioner of Education Michael Williams to intervene, and prevent any more spending by the Beaumont Independent School District board of trustees.

Specifically Bradley wants to make sure the board doesn't approve paying Superintendent Timothy Chargois, Ed.D, $244,000 as part of his separation package, nor paying lawyers $300,000 to continue the legal fight against a state takeover of the district.

The board is scheduled to vote on both items Monday.

On Friday, Chargois announced he would be resigning on October 31st of this year, but if Commissioner Williams appoints a board of managers before then, Chargois would be removed and replaced.

But no action can be taken by Williams until a record review is held July 10th, that's basically an appeal to the Texas Education Agency by BISD.

Bradley released the following statement to 12News:

"Dr. Chargois' desire to quit is timely in that the Board of Managers' first action will be to install new leadership.  But why are taxpayers being required to pay the man almost $200,000 for not showing up to work for another year?  He is breaking his contract to avoid getting fired.

As a taxpayer, I am outraged that the current trustees are considering spending not only $200,000 as a good-bye gift to the captain of the ship, but another $300,000 on attorneys' fees in a ridiculous attempt to stop the Titanic (BISD) from sinking (TEA takeover)!  These spending sprees are not authorized by the current budget, nor does Monday's agenda allow amending the budget to accommodate them.

I am calling on the Commissioner of Education and the Texas Attorney General to stop this insanity immediately and to find a way to block the wasting of any more taxpayers' hard-earned dollars by this out-of-control school board."

On Monday, the board is also scheduled to vote on the proposed termination of 113 contract administrators and teachers.  Teachers believe they have been unfairly targeted and have been hosting petition drives to save their jobs.  They will be collecting signatures at the Beaumont Health Department at 950 Washington Boulevard, starting at 2:30.


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