Remaining Beaumont quadruplet who served in Korea shares incredible story

On the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War, Carl Perricone, Sr. sat in his Beaumont home and remembered the conflict in which he and his three brothers fought.

They were quadruplets, all born October 31, 1929 in Beaumont.

"I would say that there's never been quadruplets, boys or girls, that served in the military. But we did," Perricone told 12News Saturday afternoon.

Anthony, Bernard, Carl and Donald Perricone all served in the Army's 73rd Tank Battalion in Korea in 1952.
"At most there were 2, sometimes 3 of us in the same tank," said Carl. "One was a driver, one was a gunner, one was assistant driver and I was a tank commander."

They already had 5 older brothers when they were born, but 'the quads' as they were known, were inseparable.

"We were very close, and everything we did, we did together."

So when Carl was drafted in 1950 and ordered to serve in Korea two years later, his brothers insisted they join him.

"The reason that my brothers went with me is because Lyndon B. Johnson and Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn rescinded the order that brothers couldn't serve together."

They served in Korea for 9 months, and all 4 returned home to raise families.
"We came out good, nobody in my platoon ever got hurt," said Carl.

All four worked in the oil refinery business, but Anthony eventually left the field and became a barber.

Anthony, Bernard and Donald all passed away in the 1990s from natural causes.
In 2010, Carl was invited to South Korea, and was honored by the president for the quads' exceptional service.

"They treated us royally, it was unbelievable. It was a fabulous trip and it's something I will never forget."

Although it was a trip he'll never forget, it was also a trip he wishes he could have shared with his fellow quads.



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