Religious banners are back in Kountze

The biblical run-through banners that touched off a national story last year will be displayed this Friday night at the Kountze High School football game.

The Kountze cheerleaders won their first legal battle in May.  But, they now face a Kountze Independent School District appeal. A district spokesperson said it's appealing for clarification on a judge's ruling to allow the banners. However, the cheerleaders' attorney, David Starnes, said the district is appealing the judge's decision to allow the banners.

Monday, the school district filed a brief in its case. The cheerleaders will file their brief in October.

Until then, the religious banners will be allowed at football games. Starnes told 12News the banners will be displayed the entire season because the court battle with last longer than the season.

12News caught up with the cheerleaders at practice Tuesday as they prepare for Thursday's Junior varsity game and Friday's Varsity game.

"It's great. I'm glad we can do it stress-free this year. That's the biggest thing for me. Regardless, we were going to do it. I'm just going to put that our there. We're a bunch of hard-headed cheerleaders. We're not going to let people tell us what to do who don't even live in our state," said senior cheerleader Ashton Jennings.

Senior cheerleader Kieara Moffett agreed saying "We still want to encourage our boys in a positive way. If we fought for our boys for that long then why not keep doing it."

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Kountze ISD superintendent Reese Briggs told 12News "We're going to follow the law that a judge ruled to allow the banners.  It's not the districts position to oppose the cheerleaders. We are in a position to follow the law. Luckily, we have the ruling and will abide by that."

The Kountze Lions will play 6 p.m. Friday on the road against Shepherd.

Junior varsity


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