Protestors gather at BISD

People gathered outside of the Beaumont Independent School District administration building Saturday morning, protesting the what they say are the actions of Principal Thomas Amons and the school district.
The group says it wants proof.   The proof the protestors say they want: that BISD had already planned on canceling the cosmetology class at the Taylor Career Center due to lack of funds,  and not because, as they claim, that the principal shut down the class after seeing a student in it he thought was gay.
 That student is Kwmane Gray, who was present at Saturday's protest.
"Sunday I was so excited because Monday the 10th was going to be my orientation," Gray said.

He said orientation was great until Principal Thomas Amons came in.

Gray says, "I realized something was wrong, but I didn't know it had anything to do with me at the time."

Another protestor said, "As a teacher I'm appalled, our motto is to help things grow, like we nurture a plant or a tree and we plant it to help it grow...why is someone's human rights being abolished? Are we going back to the days before Martin Luther King? This is 2012!"

BISD has said these claims of prejudice are not true.
Since the class was canceled on Tuesday, a petition asking for the firing of Amons was posted on
"You can't choose who gets an education or who doesn't, or who's worthy in your opinion of who gets an education and who doesn't," said Mo Taylor Boggan, an organizer of the protest.
Gray hopes to return to cosmetology soon. He says, "I want to be allowed back in but I don't want to be there if Mr. Amons is over the program."

And he has admiration for those who demand answers, saying, "It made me real happy just to see people come out and support me, something I never in a million years would've many people would've helped me and wanted to see something done about this."

BISD announced Friday that the adult cosmetology program will reopen in October, this time under the adult education program.  

The school district also says it had nothing to do with the cancellation of the program, and that it was Mr. Amons' decision.

Amons has not made any statements on the matter and hasn't been available for comment.


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