Texas women supporting Trump say they respect him for family, as well as policy

News 8's Jason Whitely has more.

McKINNEY -- The lead up to the November election trumps all other holidays in Kimberly Loyd’s 99-year-old house.

"Everyone thinks that we're just going to follow Hillary because she's a woman and, 'Oh, we want a woman president,'" she said. "That's offensive to me."

Loyd is part of the Texas Women for Trump Coalition.

"This year, I wanted to make my voice heard and my friends were like, 'Brooky, what are you doing?'" said Brooky Sanders, another member.

It’s a big group that's little known. Statewide, there are 740 members.

"I don't think we need a politician. We need a CEO," said Gina Obriant, the group’s president. "He knows how to create wealth instead of redistribute it."

The Texas Lyceum 2016 poll on Thursday showed Trump leads his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, by seven points. That survey does not break down for whom men or women would vote in this state.

For more than a year, these women have volunteered at rallies, gone door-to-door, and made calls for the campaign.

They said they admire Donald Trump as a father, as much as any of his policy positions.

"I love his family. They're all wonderful kids," said Tencha Rose Vasquez, another member.

She is a second-generation American who has heard the rhetoric many find offensive.

"I just cringed, thinking 'Why did he do that?'" Vasquez said, though she admitted she was not offended. “No. Because I am an American. I understand what he was trying to say.”

So do each of these women who refuse to let gender define their politics.

"It would be nice to see a woman to be president someday, but Hillary Clinton has been in office for quite a while," Obriant said.

Obriant and the Texas Women for Trump Coalition were among a group that demonstrated outside the Dallas Morning News building in downtown Dallas Wednesday. The group voiced its displeasure at the newspaper's endorsement of Clinton.

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