Politics gets nasty in Port Arthur

A political website on Facebook continues to get new members as it faces growing criticism.

PA Politics has been around for just a year-and-a-half, but its political influence is strong in this year's city council elections.

One of its administrators is former councilman Robert Troy.  Troy resigned from his seat in February after it was revealed that he had a 50-year-old theft conviction on his record.  That conviction barred him from holding elected office.

He said PA Politics is about making government more transparent and opening voters' eyes.

Not everyone feels the same way, especially when it comes to the tactics used by the Facebook group.

For instance last week, several council candidates held a news conference bashing a posting on PA Politics that portrayed them as slaves.

PA Politics has gone after candidates who have received donations from former Senator Carl Parker's political action committee.

Councilman Kerry Thomas, an incumbent running for re-election, has been a frequent target of PA Politics.  He said if white people had circulated the kind of literature being spread by the mostly black PA Politics group, African-Americans in Port Arthur would be outraged.

Troy said it's just political satire, and he says his group has had a big influence in Port Arthur, he says membership to the Facebook page continues to grow, it currently has about 1200 members.

The latest flier posted on PA Politics has racist terms like House Negroes of PA, and the Uncle Tom Association, and even calls candidate Michael Mason, an offensive name related to a sexual act.

Troy agreed that posting was offensive and had it removed.

And Reginald Trainer, a candidate endorsed by PA Politics, also distanced himself from the latest posting.  Trainer said, "I did not authorize that flier, nor do I condone its contents.  This is unacceptable politics that should be condemned."


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