Police investigate string of burglaries in Beaumont's west end

Sergeant James Sliger with the Beaumont Police Department says since June burglars have broken into at least 6 homes in and near the Willow Creek subdivision, and homes off Gladys Avenue. He believes it is the same group of burglars, based on striking similarities in each case. He says the burglaries were committed during the day while no one was home, the burglars entered from the back of the house, and similar items were stolen each time, like jewelry, cash, firearms and small electronics.

Quiet neighborhoods like the one on Shadow Creek Drive in the west end of Beaumont seem to be a popular target for burglars lately. 

"They are probably a couple days or a week ahead of time scouting the locations, taking time to ascertain as much information as they can before they make their move," said Sgt. Sliger Thursday morning.

John Home lives next door to one of the burglarized houses. He says the crime has been hard on the small community.

"We all care a great deal about one another; when there's an issue at one home, it affects everybody. So we came together to see what we could do," he said.

Home says he and his neighbors have been communicating with each other diligently via phone calls and email to make sure everyone's aware of what's going on in the neighborhood.

"When they see a car, you'll get a call perhaps, that says 'Did you see that car out in front of so and so's house?'" he said.

While police are working hard to get to the bottom of these burglaries, Home has a message for those responsible.

"I just wish folks would leave other folks alone, and not think that they need to prey on people. And I'd also like to say that this is not a good street to come if that's what you've got in mind," he warned.

Sgt. Sliger says he believes the burglars may have used different getaway cars in these crimes. They have gotten tips about a white Nissan Maxima, a black Chevy HHR, and a third, blue colored car seen in the neighborhoods around the time of the burglaries.

Police are also investigating a small string of recent burglaries in the north end of Beaumont.

Those possibly connected burglaries occurred off Concord Road near Woodlawn Street and Travis Drive.




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