Pitbull owner says "Give me mercy" in Beaumont seizure hearing

12News broke the story last month that Beaumont Animal Services seized 12 pitbulls from a home on Lorilee Street.  Police say the dogs were seized during a drug raid and that the animals had been abused.

The owner of at least eight of the dogs testified in court Friday during a seizure hearing saying the dogs were taken care of properly.

Judge Ken Dollinger sided with the state and put the pitbulls in the care of Beaumont Animal Services.

"I'm hurt. All they're going to do is kill them," says Quenten Pete, owner of the dogs.

The state told the judge the dogs were living in poor conditions with dirty water, no food, heavy chairs and dog fighting paraphernalia.

"We have zero tolerance for animal fighting whether it's dogs or chicken fighting," says Beaumont Animal Services Supervisor Matthew Fortenberry.

The state put into evidence a bite stick. A bite stick is used in dog fighting to break dogs apart.

Pete testified that he would never fight his dogs and that the stick was actually a piece of wood that fell off a dog house.

He also testified that syringes, put into evidence by the state, were used to give his dogs monthly doses of medicine.

The state argued they were used to build these dogs up for fighting.

During closing statements, the owner asked for mercy saying he'll do anything to have his dogs back.

Judge Dollinger showed no mercy and stripped the dogs from his custody.

Pete says he'll never own another dog.

"I'm never gonna get them back. I'm not even dealing with dogs. I'm through with dogs. I don't even want anything to do with them," he says.

The night the dogs were seized was not the first time Beaumont Animal Services was called to the house.  Officers say they gave Pete several warnings but never had enough evidence at the time to seize the dogs.

Pete says he owned eight of the dogs and that three others are owned by friends.  He says one of the dogs just showed up to the house.

Pete was fined more than $1,200 and has 10 days to appeal. If he doesn't appeal, the dogs will be evaluated and then put up for adoption.


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