Opening statements, testimony begin in Joshua Glaze murder trial

Testimony is scheduled to continue Tuesday in the murder trial of Joshua Glaze. He's charged in the November 2012 murder of Brian Wayne Drake. 

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office says Drake and two friends were driving on Glaze road when someone in a white Durango began to follow them down the road onto Highway 326.
Shots were fired at Drake's vehicle, one fatally striking him in the neck. 

Prosecutors say Curtis Glaze fired the fatal shot from the passenger seat of the Durango. He was tried and convicted of 1st Degree Murder in December and received a life sentence

In an hour long interview with the sheriff's office Joshua Glaze tells authorities his intent was never to shoot at Brian Drake's truck but rather to identify the people inside. 

Glaze admits to being the driver of a white Durango that pursued Drake and two friends down Glaze road to Highway 327. 

In December his cousin Curtis was convicted of Drake's murder as the only shooter. 

Joshua's attorney Glen Crocker told jurors Monday that the murder was not Joshua's fault saying there was nothing he could do to stop Curtis because it all happened so fast. 

But prosecutors say all Joshua needed to do was stop the Durango but instead he kept driving. 

The mother of Joshua's child, Mallory Wood, testified Monday. She was in the Durango during the shooting. 

The defense questioned wood. She admitted to never calling police saying she didn't know what to do. 

Crocker also pressed Wood for details during the shooting, presumably to back his client's story because Wood's responses were flustered and often included "it happened so fast." 

Testimony will resume Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Hardin County Courthouse.




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