Not a policy, but a plea from Starbucks: No guns

Thursday is the beginning of what Starbucks hopes is a safer coffee shop experience for customers. Wednesday CEO Howard Schultz announced a request for customers who carry guns. 

Leave them at home. 

Schultz said guns should not be part of the Starbucks experience and wants to remove Starbucks from the gun debate because of a  growing frequency of "Starbucks Appreciation Days" in recent months in which gun rights advocates turn up at Starbucks cafes with firearms.

"I think for Starbucks it would be ok to leave a gun out in the car," Hayley Donnelly said Wednesday before going to Starbucks on Dowlen Road in Beaumont.

The announcement became a topic of discussion at West Brook High School in a Current Events class.

"He has the safety of consumers in mind but I feel it's also a political move to stay neutral on the subject. I feel it would be better if he kept the open gun policy," Senior Derek Hall said. 

Employees have been asked to not approach anyone who may appear to be carrying a concealed weapon. And to serve them as they would any customer. 



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