Nick Lampson plans how he can help improve Jefferson County

Even though Democrat, Nick Lampson carried Jefferson County in the Congressional District 14 race against Republican, Randy Weber Tuesday night, he lost Galveston and Brazoria Counties, sending Weber to Washington. But Lampson is not letting any grass grow under his feet, he said he already has plans, "We have a project that I proposed to the City of Beaumont that I hope will go that has to do with energy that will make the city almost half a million dollars a year."

 Another plan he said he is working on, is to help at risk children in the region, "I have been talking with some churches as well as some people within our school districts in the region and what we might be able to do for at risk children."

But Lampson says the future of children isn't the only future he plans to work for, "And I'll continue to fight for jobs at NASA because I believe in our technological growth."

And then there is the question of running again. Tom Laschinger with the Beaumont Enterprise has analyzed the possibility and told 12 News HD, "He's 67.  I really believe the party said to him you are our best candidate for this race no one can win it but you. And he gave it the old good college try, fell a little bit short. I would have to think he's finished now as a candidate."

But when I asked Lampson the question, he jokingly said, "My wife might kill me if I even thought of saying yes and I'd like to stay married to her for a few more years. But I will never say never."


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