Naomi Watts gets royal treatment in upcoming 'Diana' trailer

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Princess Diana fans, bow down: Your "Diana" feature film movie trailer is ready for viewing. It's lush and all-too-brief, but it does set the stage for telling the tale of the late princess, who died in 1997 in a car accident while fleeing paparazzi.

The real question the trailer poses, however, is whether Naomi Watts can carry off the unique, enigmatic portrayal of the "people's princess."

The minute-long trailer does her no favors: She's not even seen head-on until halfway through. Until then, Diana is seen from nearly every other angle -- back, above, partially shot while sliding into a car. Her hair is appropriately period-fluffy, her dresses regal and tailored. She's on the red carpet, she's thronged by crowds and photographers, she's wearing a helmet with a Red Cross symbol on it, she's running.

Then that familiar head turns -- and it's Naomi Watts, not Diana. Watts, 44, is a solid actress with two Oscar nominations, but is there enough physical resemblance -- other than hair and eye color -- to the princess, who died at age 36?

Audiences will be able to decide for themselves in September about the film, which focuses on the last two years of Diana's life -- her post-Buckingham palace, European jet-setter, privacy-seeking final years.

Watts spoke to E! in December about the pressure of portraying the much-loved icon.

"I tried to say no, but I guess every time I said no, I rang back up and said I changed my mind," Watts said. "I think it's just the pressure because we all feel we know her so well. The pressure of that is scary because everybody thinks, oh, you're not the right look or whatever ..."

The film is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel ("Downfall") and also stars Naveen Andrews, who you'll remember as Sayid from "Lost," as Diana's one-time lover, Dr. Hasnat Khan.


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