MOTIVA Port Arthur cleaning up 2,935 barrel oil spill

A spokesperson for the Texas Commission  on Environmental Quality told 12News it received notice Wednesday from the MOTIVA Port Arthur refinery that 2,935 barrels of lube oil had been spilled.

A TCEQ spokesperson said that on Thursday, the Beaumont Regional Office contacted Wes Bailey, a representative of MOTIVA, regarding the spill.  Mr. Bailey confirmed that the amount spilled was nearly 3000 barrels and said that the majority of it was contained in a cement lined storm drain.  He said that booms were deployed, vacuum trucks were being used to pick up the free liquid, soil samples would be taken, and reports would be submitted to the TCEQ, as required.

The Beaumont Regional Office contacted MOTIVA again Friday morning to find out if there had been any further spills or problems associated with the May 14 spill and was told that no new spills have happened.

MOTIVA spokesperson Destin Singleton told 12News that the spill happened at the base oil tank farm inside the Motiva Port Arthur Refinery.  Singleton said that personnel were immediately deployed and the source was isolated, and the spill has been contained. 

Singleton said clean-up is underway and due to the location of the spill, there is no anticipated impact to the community or to the environment. 

Singleton said the preliminary volume of the spill was an estimate. The accuracy of this preliminary volume will be determined and reported within the regulatory-required time period.

"A release of any amount of product is something Motiva takes very seriously. Protection of the workers, the communities where we operate, and the environment remain our top priorities," said Singleton .


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