Mother cries out after son admits to aggravated robbery

The mother of a 17-year-old Central High School student pleads for mercy after the young man's acceptance of a plea deal.

Kaleb Baker pleaded guilty to accusations related to a June 2013 home invasion.

Baker could serve up to 10 years in prison for aggravated robbery and 5 years for evading arrest.

Police say Baker was among a group of teens who barged into a home on East Street in Beaumont and held the homeowners at gunpoint.

Baker's mother, Martha Baker, says her son has always been on the A-B honor roll and was about to start studying engineering.

She says he got caught up in the wrong crowd and never had intentions of going to that home that day to commit a crime.

"He feels a lot of remorse for the crowd he got connected with," she says, "Kaleb has grown up in good Christian family. He's never been in any trouble."

Baker says Kaleb had called his grandmother the day of the home invasion and told her he was on his way to care for her.

Instead, he was being handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car.

In an exclusive interview back in June, the victim says she was in her kitchen when the door kicked in and that's when she says she was held at gunpoint.

"The back door flew open and it sounded kinda like my door exploded. I fell down and I got in the corner and they were just yelling," the unidentified victim says.

Baker was later arrested in a stolen vehicle.

"He did not know at first that it was a stolen car.  He says he didn't realize what they were up to until the last minute and it was too late," says his mother.

Baker's close friend also remains in disbelief.

"It's devastating to me too because we used to hang around each other every day," says A.J. Gilder.

As Baker waits for Judge John Stevens to decide his fate, his mother says this young man's dreams of joining the army may be shattered but she's hopeful he still has a chance at becoming successful.

"He probably won't ever be a part of the Army to represent his country. But, I feel like he still deserves a chance to finish high school," says Baker.

Baker told 12News she wants to tell the victims of the home invasion that she is sorry for what happened.

Kaleb Baker will be sentenced on September 16.


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