More money for Jefferson County DA to fight fraud, investigate public officials

The Jefferson County District Attorney's office will have an extra $625,000 in it's budget for the next fiscal year.

District Attorney Cory Crenshaw originally asked for $850,000 but an agreement was reached with County Commissioners Thursday to lower that request to $625,000. The agreement was announced at the budget hearing in front of a packed room of concerned taxpayers.

Several members from the public told 12News they were hoping for an extra bulge in the budget to help fight crime; especially since they say Crenshaw is already showing results when it comes to recent Beaumont ISD indictments.

Crenshaw himself hinted at the crippled Beaumont School District during the hearing saying "Now that there is accountability that we are creating in this county for certain wrongdoers, I do believe that deterrence will hopefully show that anyone who thinks that they're going to steal and get away with it are now on notice."

Crenshaw has outlined several new programs since he's been D.A. including the task force that is aimed at investigating public officials.

The extra money allocated will help keep that operation open along with creating a program aimed at lowering deaths in DWI cases and another hoping to end gang activities in neighborhoods.

During the hearing, Commissioner Brent Weaver supported Crenshaw's efforts stating "I can't think of anything more important in the criminal justice system than that of our court system."

Satisfied with the $625,000 agreement, Crenshaw said Thursday was a new day in Jefferson County and he's positive he can find the resources to make up the $225,000 difference to help prosecute crooks and keep taxpayers and their children safe.


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