Mom surprises daughter after 7 months in Afghanistan

A military mom surprised her 6-year-old daughter at Travis Elementary School Thursday morning, after being apart for more than half a year.

Sergeant Shaunta Cain sat patiently behind a corner, hidden from view, eagerly awaiting the first time she got to see her daughter in 7 months.  

"I just wanted to see how big she got, being deployed you pretty much miss a lot of things," Cain said.

Tiny feet, marching in a single file line, made their way to the cafeteria. Then...

An emotional reunion erupted as mom and daughter got their first glimpse of each other. 6-year-old Leah couldn't contain her excitement as she hugged her mom tightly, shared a laugh, then made a silly face for our camera, which is what her mom missed most, her jokes.

Today Leah's perfectly okay taking a break from her friends to sit and eat with her mom. She's spent the last 7 months living with her grandmother, Debra Eddie.

"She'll be sitting there and all of a sudden she'll say, 'I miss my momma' and I say 'I know baby but she's coming home'," Eddie said about her granddaughter. 

That day couldn't come soon enough for either Leah or her mom. Unfortunately they only have 4 days to spend with each other before Cain has to report back to Fort Hood, but she says she'll take whatever she can get.

"It's a relief because I know she's safe, I'm safe, and I guess in a way it's a blessing to come back because you have some people that don't come back, some soldiers that never see their family," Cain said.

The reunion could not last all day; Leah had to get back to class. But before she left she told her mom she loved her and gave her a big hug.

Cain said after school she's going to take Leah to Chuck E. Cheese and a movie. 



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