Mom seeks $32 million from Beaumont's Hooters restaurant after fatal DWI accident

The mother of drunk driving victim Amber Roussel is suing Beaumont's Hooters restaurant for $32 million. The parents of the 32-year-old woman from Baton Rouge say their daughter was killed July of last year because the restaurant served too much alcohol to Derek McBride.

McBride pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter in the accident that resulted in Roussel's death and is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence.

Amber's parents, Melba and Brent Breaud, are divorced so they have different representation; Melba's attorney is taking lead.

Melba Breaud's attorney Alton Todd showed the jury how much McBride had to drink by setting out six 24-ounce beer mugs known as "Big Daddy's" at the Hooters restaurant and two shot glasses.

Todd also said according to a life expectancy table the fatal accident cost Melba Breaud 32 more years with her daughter and 13-year-old Lauren lost 50 years of having a mom.

The plaintiff's are trying to prove the mental anguish that the incident has caused Melba Breaud.

They are asking for $32 million, one million for each year that Mrs. Breaud will have to go without a daughter.

Mrs. Breaud also has sole custody of Amber's daughter Lauren who suffers from medical issues.

Lauren was in court Wednesday, but attorneys said she will not be called to the stand until Friday.

The attorney for Brent Breaud said he will be asking the jury for a different amount than Melba, but will not reveal what it is until closing arguments.

The first witness the plaintiff's called gave his testimony on tape.  It was a man who was driving an 18-wheeler the day of the accident who said he saw Derek McBride's truck and another truck speed past him.

They also questioned a member of the Beaumont police department who was on scene after the crash and investigated the accident.

Sergeant Eric Wilson said the scene was chaotic when he got there and he said he saw amber in the car after the accident, which brought the Breaud's to tears.

And as for the attorneys for Hooters, they want to prove that the accident happened as a result of McBride and his friends deciding to race not because of the alcohol that was served to them.

Court proceedings will resume on Thursday where the plaintiffs plan to play a tape with Derek McBride's testimony about what happened the day of the accident.


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