Moldy sandwich served to student at West Brook High

 Beaumont Public Health director Sherry Ulmer says West Brook High School cafeteria workers did not want old sandwiches to rot outside during the Beaumont Independent School District Thanksgiving week-long break, since they were not sure when the trash would be collected.

So instead, they placed the sandwiches in the refrigerator, with the intention of discarding them when they returned from the break Monday, December 1.

But the old sandwiches got mixed up with fresh-made sandwiches, and at least one of the moldy ones was served to a student.  That student told her mom, who contacted the Beaumont Health Department.

An inspector went out to West Brook and told the food service crew not to store old and fresh sandwiches together.  Ulmer says sandwiches should be discarded within 24 hours of them being made.  She says that's not only Health Department standards, but also BISD policy.

We reached out to BISD for comment, and initially spokesman Ron Reynolds had agreed to give us an interview, but then declined saying that the parent of the affected student was satisfied with the district's response.

Sources tell 12News BISD reprimanded those responsible for the mix-up.  However the Health Department did not issue any citations, just recommending possibly another refrigerator to make sure old and fresh are stored together.

Ulmer says BISD has a good track record, and that the Health Department inspects BISD cafeterias every five months.


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