McDonalds posts calories on menu

In more than 1,400 restaurants and drive-thru's McDonald's began listing calorie information on its menus Monday.

When making an order for your favorite Mickey Dee's burger and fries you aren't just counting dollars and cents anymore.

McDonald's is now counting calories for you and placing them on the menu for you to see before you order.

"I think it's a good idea but I don't think it will make a difference, said McDonalds customer Jodi Hoodless.

As a nurse Hoodless is skeptical that putting the number of calories on display will help anyone be healthier.

"They just go for what tastes good over what's good for them."

Not only can you count your calories outside in the drive through and on inside on the menu board but you can flip over your tray liner and find the nutrition facts here as well, and McDonalds hopes this will be a learning experience for the public.

"We're not just a burger and fry joint," said spokes person for McDonalds, Angie Morril.

Morril says the fast food chain feels an obligation to educate future generations.


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