Man with down syndrome attacked by three pitbulls

A man with down syndrome is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by three pitbulls.  47-year-old Jeffrey Carnley is being cared for at Christus Hospital Saint Elizabeth.

Carnley is recovering from deep lacerations to his right arm. It happened just before 8 a.m. last Friday in the 1200 block of North Major Drive. Neighbor Roland Brockman says he was in his garage when he heard a commotion across the street.  

Brockman says Carnley was bitten and thrashed to the ground like a rag doll.  

"I really don't think Jeff realized what was going on, like any of us would. All of a sudden something grabs you and pulls you to the ground. You wouldn't realize what's going on," Brockman said. 

 Two of the dogs are in the Beaumont Animal Services' custody in quarantine. The third was never located. 

the department is reviewing the animals to determine if the attack was unprovoked. If the dogs are deemed dangerous the owner will have to follow guidelines to keep the animals. 

The owner would have to get $100,000 liability insurance on each dog. He would have to keep them in a cage and keep them muzzled when outside of that enclosure just to name a few.  

Animal services says the liability insurance is often too much for owners to handle. If the owner chooses not to follow the guidelines then the dogs must be put down. 


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