Man says dog saved after thrown from bridge is part of larger problem

12 News is investigating several complaints of people dumping animals off of the U.S. Highway 96 bridge over the Neches River.

About six months ago Kenneth Meshwert was spending the day with his fiancé and grandchildren out by the Neches River when he saw someone throw a black bag from a car going over the bridge.

"I heard something," said Meshwert," it could have been a baby so I went and got it because I saw something moving."

Meshwert rescued a dog out of the water and made her a part of his family but says he can't imagine why anyone would so such a thing.

"It's frustrating and aggravating because dogs are like your best friend, your companion they show you love, they're like a human too," ha said.

Meshwert and his family say they complained to both the Jasper and Hardin County sheriff's offices.

But neither county has a dog shelter or animal control so because the problem with abandoned strays has not become a rabies or vicious animal issue they can't do much about them.

"I would say contact someone in Jefferson County maybe Houston animal shelters to see if there's someone that will take them but don't throw them out," said Sheriff Ed Cain. "Certainly don't throw them out of a vehicle, don't dump them anywhere."

At the boat ramp park where Meshwert's dog was dumped months ago we only found stray cats but he says just days ago this was the home of eight stray dogs.

"It's ridiculous keep your dogs at home or take them to the pound don't dump them somewhere to get killed or ran over."

Abandoning an animal carries charges of cruelty to animals and littering, which could mean a $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail.

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office wants citizens to write down a license plate number and description of the car of anyone who abandons their animal.


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