Man praised for catching, recording child abuse on camera

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is calling a Beaumont man a hero after his cell phone recording helped authorities locate a woman suspected of child abuse. 

A Beaumont Police spokesperson said Tieralynn Angelle, 27, is the woman shown in a video slapping and cursing an infant girl. The spokesperson said the eight-month-old is Angelle's daughter, Zoe.  Police found Angelle in Port Arthur and arrested her on a probation violations related to a burglary.

Zoe is in state custody.

A news release issued by the Beaumont Police Department says the baby appeared to be unharmed but she was taken to a local hospital for a check-up just to be sure. 

The slaps and screams could be heard streets over at neighboring houses. That is what prompted Corey Ford to make a split second decision. 

"It crossed my mind to run over there and say something but how mad I was, I couldn't of done it. I couldn't of done it. Or I would have been in trouble," Ford said.

So he recorded it and then called police. Ford says he told the 911 operator he filmed the abuse but officers never asked him to see it. Ford says he was later told by police they were unaware of the video when they visited the home in the 1300 block of Liberty Avenue Tuesday. 

So he posted it to Facebook. 

12News is credited with forwarding the video and Angelle's name to DFPS, speeding up their hunt for the 27-year-old mother. 

"Our agency didn't have a lot of information but thanks to you and your quick response by sending us that video. We were able to start gathering information and get law enforcement involved," Shari Pulliam with DFPS said. 

In Pulliam's eyes, Ford is a hero. 

"He took a stand. I wish more citizens would do what he did instead of turning away because it's not their business. Because it is everyone's business," Pulliam said. 

Ford doesn't consider himself a hero. He is just glad to learn that Baby Zoe is safe. 

"It makes me feel good that they found her and the baby is ok. It's a relief," Ford said. 

Angelle has not been charged for the incident caught on video. If she is charged with a crime, it would be felony injury to a child.


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