Man claims self-defense in deadly shooting

While Hardin County Sheriff Deputies continue investigating a shooting that left one man dead, the man who fired the fatal shot says it was in self-defense. 

It happened Saturday at a home secluded on Coleman road off Wingfield drive. Hardin County Deputies say they arrived around 7:18 p.m. to find 58-year-old Mark Neff dead from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. 

Deputies say two other people were there. Three guns were recovered at the scene and evidence showed all three had been fired. 

The man living at the residence told 12News in an exclusive interview that shooting Neff was last resort. He says Neff pulled a gun on him and when the homeowner's wife fired warning shots from her own gun, he says Neff starting shooting at her. 

The homeowner says he tackled Neff to the ground to try to get Neff's gun. He couldn't so he called his wife for help. 

"She's got the other .38 Special. She comes out, says 'I'm going to shoot you.' I said 'Shoot him, shoot him.' I knew at this time we're defending our lives. If it's not him, it's us. She could not pull the trigger so I said hit him in the head. She butts him in the head. It gives me enough time, I put on hand on his hands and the gun. I pull out my .38 and shoot him twice in the back," the homeowner said after asking not to be identified. 

The homeowner offers his apologies to Neff's loved ones. But says as a United States Marine veteran, his instincts kicked in and he felt his family was in danger.

An autopsy for neff is being performed at the Jefferson County Morgue. 


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