Lumberton man unable to vote on alcohol prop., even after proving residency inside city limits

The selling of alcohol in the City of Lumberton has always been a hot topic. 

In August, the Lumberton City Council chose to leave it up to the citizens to decide if wine and beer could be sold in local grocery stores and restaurants. 

Chester Retz has since been looking forward to casting his vote to make Lumberton a wet city. 

"There's a lot of money spent on alcohol. I think it's silly for the city not to get a piece of that money if they can," Retz said. 

But Retz says he was never allowed to vote on it because a poll worker at the Hardin County courthouse denied him a paper ballot with the proposition on it. 

The reason? 
"He said I couldn't vote on it because I wasn't in the city," Retz said. 

Retz says he showed the poll worker his drivers license and voter registration card and both list his address on April Lane which is inside city limits. 

Retz says he was denied a second time so he then finished filling out his ballot without voting on the proposition for alcohol sales.

After voting, he went to get help from another employee in the courthouse who confirmed Retz's address inside city limits.

He tried to vote on the alcohol proposition one last time. 

"The lady at the courthouse suggested they do that, X everything out except the proposition. They said they couldn't do that. 

The decision has left Retz upset but he says it can all be easily fixed. 

"I'd like to vote first of all, because I was entitled to it," Retz said. 

Retz's wife was not able to vote on the proposition either, she was with him at the courthouse at the time. 

The Hardin County Clerk was not in the office on Monday to talk about the situation. The Chief Deputy did tell 12 News Retz was not allowed to vote only for the alcohol proposition because he had already submitted his ballot. She also said our phone call was the first she had heard about the problem. 


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