Longhorn Liquor opens in Lumberton

They came in droves today all with one thing in mind... to buy alcohol.

Including Mary Johnson, a Lumberton resident who moved here from Michigan seven years ago and to her dismay found out the city was dry.

"You gotta be kidding me. I didn't think places like that still existed," said Johnson.

Johnson was in Longhorn Liquor hours after opening and says beyond the convenience of getting a drink the new store brings what's best for the community.

"I'd rather have the tax dollars stay here in town than somewhere else. We could use the money for the schools, the roads, the fire department, police department, and every thing else that the city needs," said Johnson.

Those needs are exactly why Dennis Williams says he opened the store and years later, a couple alcohol petitions, and more than ten permits later his doors are open.

"I think it will add something to the community and hopefully it will bring other businesses out here that will help Lumberton grow," said Williams.

But not every one feels the same way.

Kathy Mitchell has lived in Lumberton for years and seen liquor again and again on the ballot. Mitchell says people have tried to open bars, clubs, and every thing in between.

"When people vote that they don't want something in their community to uh... force it is not only disrespectful of the people who have voted but it's disrespectful to our whole system," said Mitchell.

That system places the Longhorn just feet outside the city limits and gave Williams the green light to open up and give patrons like Johnson a convenient place to buy their booze.

"You're not gonna stop people from drinking and quite frankly I'd rather have somebody drink locally and only have to drive 5 minutes as opposed to 35 minutes home," said Johnson.


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