Woodville woman shares her battle with melanoma

A mother shares her battle with skin cancer and says she regrets her days in the sun tanning with baby oil.

WOODVILLE, TX---Summer vacation is right around the corner which means its time to enjoy the sunshine.

But if you aren't careful, those summer rays could result in skin cancer.

     A Woodville mother of two shares her battle with skin cancer. In 2015, Jill Loar was diagnosed with Melanoma and within weeks her doctors performed surgery.

     "The problem with mine was that is was close to my eye. So we had to do actual surgery," says Loar.

Jill says if it wasn't for her mother making comments about the spot near her eye, she may not have caught it in time. She always thought the spot was a freckle. 

     Dr. Amit Patel with Southeast Texas Dermatology estimates that one American will lose their life to Melanoma every hour. He says it is very important to watch for warning sign of skin cancer such as, a sore spot that does not heal, rough raised bumps and any tender area.

     Jill Loar won her battle with skin cancer but now faces a new threat, breast cancer. Confident she will beat this too, Jill says her support system is the best

     Dermatologists suggest wearing SPF 30 or higher.

     If you have a spot, or area you are unsure about, just follow the A-B-C-D's.

     A is for asymmetrical--draw a line down the center of the area and check that both halves are the same. B stands for borders---rough jagged borders need to be checked as soon as possible. C, Color---does the spot have multiple colors. And D is for diameter, is the mole or spot growing in any way. If you see any of these signs, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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