State bill proposes eliminating state vehicle inspections

A Dallas-area senator wants to eliminate the vehicle safety inspections required by the state

BEAUMONT - The required state vehicle safety inspections take 10 to 15 minutes to check things like wiper blades, tires, exhaust, lights and the engine.

Howard Cameron who got his wife's car inspected today feels this procedure is simple but important for those who may not be as savvy with their cars.

"All the people around me, most of them don't know anything other than putting gas in and driving it, they don't know if it's going haywire or not," Cameron said.

But according to Sen. Don Huffines of District 16 who proposed SB 1588, “with recent advances in vehicle design and technology, this 66-year-old program is a relic of the past.”

The bill would propose eliminating the inspection and fee for taking it to a shop.

He says the measure could save $150 million a year and 9 million hours spent on inspections according to a press release.

Lupe Cortez has been running Cortez Auto Pros for 17 years and thinks the inspections remain important especially for older vehicles.

"On older cars with high mileage it's important that we make sure that brakes, steering and tires and everything is working good so the people that are driving along that car are safe as well," Cortez said.

Faulty cars around Cameron is one of his concerns.

"If you can't inspect it then you have an unsafe vehicle out there that's going to cause someone problems sooner or later," Cameron said.

The bill has not passed through any committees at this time. According to AAA, only 16 states require periodic vehicle inspections.

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