Protesters demand transparency at Kirbyville C.I.S.D. school board meeting

Protesters demand transparency at Kirbyville C.I.S.D. school board meeting

KIRBYVILLE - The Kirbyville C.I.S.D. school board held a meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss litigation against the district, there they met protesters outside the administration building demanding answers.
Outside the building a peaceful protest, and inside citizens wanting a response.

< div> "I'm not happy about it, It's very sad that the school board is treating us like this," says Meagan Young, a concerned parent.

At the peaceful gathering, there were banners and signs, asking for transparency and justice.
"We want to know what's going on, why tax dollars aren't being used correctly, and why people are on vacation and not attending this meeting," says Amy Lacap, another concerned parent.
Almost every school board member present, and the seat for superintendent Dr. Tommy Wallis, empty.
At 1 o'clock, school board officials called a closed session, and after over 2 hours, the board adjourned the meeting.
"That's not good, just had us sitting there for two hours," says Young.
And while officials continue to discuss the future of the district, the residents hope to see more transparency among those they elected.
"If they don't get it together, people will start taking their kids out of the district, then we'll definitely get answers," Young explains.
A question that is causing quite a buzz among protesters is why Superintendent Wallis decided to take vacation despite the ongoing situation.

School board members tell us that Wallis is expected to be back to work Thursday.

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