Lumberton police officers take teen with special needs to homecoming dance

Lumberton PD officers take Shaye Bryant to homecoming dance

LUMBERTON - It was a night to remember for Shaye Bryant when three police officers showed up at her door Friday. "They introduced themselves and then they asked if I would go to homecoming with them" Said Bryant.

The 14-year-old had plans to go to the dance with a friend who backed out last minute and that's when Officers Chad Ainsworth, Kenneth Aydelotte and Dale Tinsley stepped into the rescue.

"We were on patrol that day and we came in around 5PM during our shift change and we were asked if one of us was willing to do it and I said all three of us should go and do it." Ainsworh told 12News.

Shaye has a condition called, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which causes many joints to be stiff at birth. On homecoming night, with the help of Kristen Verde and Misty Wineland, all three officers managed to get a mum for Shaye in a matter of minutes for the special night.

"It was record timing for me it took about 15 minutes from nothing to something." Winland says. Officer Kenneth Aydelotte tells 12News he was glad to help Shaye.

"It was a pleasant change of pace from what we normally do and it was an opportunity for us to make a difference in somebody's life." Officer Aydelotte said.

"We just got our heads together and decided to make a difference in her life. Something that will be a part of her forever." Officer Tinsley said.

A mission accomplished for Lumberton Police Department. Shaye said: "I just want to thank them very much. I will never forget it." 

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