Local group working to shelter homeless veterans

The non- profit "Young Americans Overseas" is remodeling a home in Beaumont's North end that will provide somewhere to live for vets returning from overseas.

BEAUMONT - A local Southeast Texas group is fighting homelessness among veterans.

The non- profit "Young Americans Overseas" is remodeling a home in Beaumont’s north end that will provide somewhere to vets returning from overseas.

Their goals to tackle the veteran homelessness problem that affects about 17% of those living in the streets.

“We've brought fans with us because there's no air conditioning in the house,” says Tina Dunn, who is one of the many Home Depot volunteers helping remodel the home.

It was over 90 degrees outside, and Dunn she says it doesn’t compare to the long days she had while serving 3 years in the military.

“You’re taught discipline and a work ethic, then you come back to America and it's not the same,” she says.

The group has been working on this house for over 2 months, they want to provide a safe living community and a stepping stone to those veterans coming back home.

Co-founder of the local group, Dr. Margot Witvlet, who is a professor at Lamar University says the home provides stability to the veterans.

“Everything is pretty much included for them, once they leave here and they have a job, if they save their money for a year, they save up to 10 thousand dollars,” Dr. Witvlet explains.

The nonprofit will also provide financial education classes to help veterans manage their money and start a savings account in exchange of a small stipend.

Dunn says it's a heartwarming feeling helping those put their life on the line for their country.

“it makes me feel good because we need to give back to our veterans,” Dunn says, “they sacrifice their life for us, this is the least we can do. I’m going to do anything I can to help,” she explains.

The group is also seeking volunteers and donations.

If you're interested in helping or if you're a veteran looking for a place to live, you can fill out the application by clicking here. 

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