Local Sikh community prays for Wisconsin

News of Sunday's shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin hit the hearts of Southeast Texans who follow the religion. 

Dozens gathered at the Sikh Center of southeast Texas Sunday afternoon, praying for the victims and the gunman. 

Men, women, and children gathered around a preacher at the Sikh Temple in Beaumont. Praying is a normal activity for the Sikhism followers but Sunday their hearts were heavy with another prayer.  A prayer for those involved in the Wisconsin shooting, a Sikh temple much like their own. 

"It was bad for the whole world, not only for Sikhism. When we pray we pray for the whole world. We don't just pray for our community, for Muslims, for Christians. We pray for the whole world because the whole world is one big family," Worshiper Trabsharan Maan said. 

The Sikh religion believes in one God, they pray to a holy book called Garanth Sahib and they believe in peace. The exact opposite of what shook so much of the Sikh community Sunday. 

With no clear motive for the shooting, the men and women at the Sikh Temple in Beaumont can only wonder what caused a man to shoot innocent people. 

"I hope it's not a hate crime. Maybe a random act because a hate crime is much worse," Worshiper Hary Khela said. 

After prayer, the Sikh community sit and eat together as a symbol of equality. Worshipers say they accept Sunday's shooting as something that's in God's hands under God's control 

The only thing they know for certain is this. 

"Our prayers are with the victims and the suspect and their families. At this point we should all stand together and pray for everybody. Rather than point fingers at anybody," Worshiper Amrit Singh said. 

The community said they appreciate the response from the local law enforcement in Wisconsin as well as federal law enforcement. 

Sikhism began in South Asia and is the 5th largest religion in the world. 


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