Local officer's post prompts massive police support

Local officer's post prompts massive police support

Support for law enforcement officers is growing nationwide partly due to a Bridge City police officer's Facebook post.

It shows her and her husband working on Thanksgiving as officers and small summary of their lives.
It has been shared over 16K times.

Bridge City Police Department Detective Brittany Hilton posted the picture on her Facebook Friday, in response to negative comments recently made against law enforcement.

“Never expected whenever you post something that it is just going to hit the internet and be shared a thousand times,” said Hilton.

Both Brittany and her husband Steven Hilton work in law enforcement. She in Bridge City, he in West Orange.

That means raising four daughters is made more difficult.

“It's very tough,” she said. “Sometimes we feel pulled in several different directions, but we do it the best that we can."

The post is a testament to their integrity. Hilton said she posted it after a local business owner posted hateful comments about law enforcement following last week's warrant roundup in southeast Texas.

Her husband said the commenter may have had a bad experience with police.

"If she did have a bad experience you know, that's sad,” said Steven Hilton. "But we're really just like her. Trying to go out and do a job and come home to a family.”

Their post went viral after it was shared by "Heroes Behind the Badge,” the Facebook page for the documentary film featuring officers in the line of duty.

And love for police grows now, following the shooting death of 28-year-old Virginia police officer Ashley Guindon on her first day on the job.

She was answering a domestic violence call when police said Army staff sergeant Ronald Williams Hamilton shot at her and three others.

Steven Hilton said unpredictability is part of the motivation.

"The biggest drive is, you never know what's going to happen,” said Hilton. "You could be on the job for a day and you're killed.”

Hilton said her drive is to help others.

"I got into law enforcement due to my mother (who) was murdered when I was three years old,” said Hilton. “I was always felt a need to help people."

Along with all the positivity, there have also been negative comments to Hilton's picture.

People have threatened her, some even saying she should be shot in the head. But she is taking the high road by praying for them.

As for Officer Guindon's murder investigation, the accused shooter, active sergeant Ronald Hamilton is charged several times – including one count of capital murder of a police officer and one count of first degree murder.


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