Local clinic treats 6 today for hoverboard injuries

Local clinic treats 6 today for hoverboard injuries

One of the hottest toys this Christmas is becoming a hazard.

On Monday alone at the Christus Beaumont Bone & Joint Hospital, six people were treated for falling off their hoverboard and getting hurt, and the injuries can be serious.

Orthopedic surgeon Eric Chapman said he treated three people Monday for hoverboard injuries.

“The worst injury that I saw today – I saw two in a row of what we call displaced wrist fractures, what we call wristal radius fractures,” he said. “Where the bone has actually moved and has to be put back in place."

Chapman said he treated two kids for a broken wrist and another with a broken elbow Monday.

Many of the injuries are consistent with a fall on an outstretched arm – someone trying to catch themselves from falling.

They are similar to skateboard and roller skate injuries, and the precautions for riding hoverboards are the same.

Experts with the Consumer Product Safety Commission say wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Chapman even recommends wearing wrist guards.

The makers of hoverboards ask riders to calibrate their board before riding, stand up straight and look ahead when riding and step backwards to get off.

"For prevention, just know your limits,” said Chapman. “Children get on and push the limits of what they can do, and that's when they have problems."

If you fear you have been injured, clear up questions by seeing a doctor. If there is an obvious deformity, go to the ER.


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