Light freeze poses potential driving hazard

Overpasses and bridges ice over in the Golden Triangle as often as it snows.

Almost never.

But Friday morning the possibility will be there. But in Southeast Texas even experienced drivers are as experienced on ice as new drivers like Amanda Beltejar who's working towards her license.

"If it's slippery out there you have to drive carefully," She said.

Stephen Comar was born and raised in Pennsylvania where it's not so uncommon to drive on icy roads. "One time we were going down a hill. I knew it was icy. I put my foot on the brake petal. You don't stop and we were going only four to five miles per hour," He said of the experience.

Now as the instructor at Triangle Driving II he is a teacher. "Look out for bridges and overpasses. They are going to freeze first. Because there is no protection on top or underneath.

At the Texas Department of Transportation preparations are underway in the event that bridges and overpasses ice over.

"We have nine maintenance locations. If it does freeze we are going to spread some of this deicing material," Sarah Dupre with TX-DOT said.

The material is a mixture of freeze rock and magnesium chloride. A combination that makes water harder to freeze.

"The best advice is if you don't have to get on the road. Then don't. If you do, accelerate gently, turn slowly and break carefully and early.

"We recommend leaving plenty of room between you and other drivers," Dupre said.

And if you lose control, be calm.

"Gently hit the brake. If you hit the brake hard you're going to go all over the place," Comar said. 


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