KS boy learns CPR, saves brother in a week

By Meryl Lin McKean

Overland Park (WDAF) -- The American Heart Association says anyone can help save a life by knowing CPR. An Overland Park family has proof of that. They're sharing their story for the first time during CPR Week.

Back in October, 11-year-old Dylan Stanley walked into the house to find his granddad holding his 10-month-old brother, Evan, who was choking.

"I saw him just going ehhh. He wasn't — he was barely making noise," recalls Dylan.

Evan was choking on dog food he'd found in the laundry room. Dylan called their dad, Dave, into the house. Dave started doing back blows and pushing on Evan's belly.

"He (Dylan) says in a clear, calm, confident voice — You're doing it wrong. You need to do the chest compression not his stomach," says Dave.

"I was telling Dad to hit him on the back five times, turn him over and then give him five chest compressions on his rib cage," says Dylan.

Dylan also told his granddad to call 911. So how did Dylan know? He'd just had CPR training at his mom's dental office the week before.

"I have a feeling it probably saved his life," says Dylan.

Sure enough, the dog food came up less than two minutes later. Evan was breathing when firefighters arrived and took over. He spent just one night in the hospital.

"He went from as close to being the worst tragedy a parent ever imagined to absolutely nothing happened. I'm very proud of Dylan for how confident and calm and just — I hate to use the word clinical, but he wasn't panicking," says Dave.

The American Heart Association is pretty impressed, too. It gave Dylan its Heartsaver Hero Award.

Dylan knows his baby brother has no clue what he did for him.

"He won't remember that at all," says Dylan.

But Dylan, in typical big brother fashion, says he'll remind him.


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