"Kick-in burglars" targeting every county in SETX

Law enforcement agencies across Southeast Texas are working together to solve a recent rash of home burglaries nicknamed the "kick-in burglars."

The thieves are using the same break-in method: kicking in doors. Once inside, they steal large flat screen televisions, guns and safes.

"They get in there, flip the mattresses and look through the closets. They're looking for guns and flat screen TV's," says Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy Rod Carroll.

Every neighborhood in Southeast Texas is their target.  At least 50 homes have been hit in the last few months.

Captain Bob Walker with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office tells 12News that Jasper County has had seven home burglaries since mid-May.

He says, "If they can't get in a safe, they'll just take your whole safe."

These home burglaries take place during the day mainly during the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The "kick-in burglars" are said to steal in one county and sell in another county. What's not sold is disposed.

Authorities say the weapons are being sold on the black market.

Authorities say neighbors need to watch out for neighbors and call authorities if you see suspicious vehicles.

No suspect description has been provided to authorities. Investigators believe it's a group of people involved. If you have any information, contact your local police department.


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