Keep kids safe during Fourth of July water fun

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend many are preparing to spend some time on the water, but whether your plans include the beach, the lake, or a pool water activities come with hazards.

The Department of Family and Protective Services spokesperson Shari Pulliam said 35 children have drowned in Texas so far this year, with four of those in Southeast Texas. She said an average of 70 children drown in the state each year.

Young kids can drown even in shallow water, in as little as two inches, that's why experts say it's never safe to leave a child unsupervised near the water.

"People think it takes a big body of water for people to drown but that is so incorrect," Pulliam said. "We've had children drown in bathtubs, in mop buckets, toilets and septic systems."

Crystal Bradford said she's had a scare with a near drowning with one of her kids.

"[It was] scary, I think about it day and night," she said.

Bradford now works at Groves Red Apple Daycare where she's responsible for supervising lots of kids in the water including her own. She said safety is always her first priority.

"If they can't swim they stay in the shallow end they keep a life jacket on them," she said, "and if they can they take a swim test before they get into deep end."

Pulliam also reminds parents that drowning is a silent killer and the best way to prevent it is by teaching kids to swim at an early age.


Basic tips for outdoor water safety:

  • Never leave children alone around water. An adult or lifeguard should always be present.
  • Secure access to swimming pools with fences and completely remove the pool cover when the pool is in use.
  • Store water toys away from the water, when not in use, so they don't attract a small child.

Click here to view the DFPS Summer Safety PSA


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