Jurisdiction debate on who owns Taylor Bayou boat launch

It's a question of who owns the property at the Taylor Bayou boat launch. The boat launch was destroyed by Hurricane Ike and now the two structures that remain are worn down and dilapidated.

Fishermen are complaining. But, they don't know who to turn to.

John West has been casting his line into Taylor Bayou for decades. He says the fish are big, they bite but fisherman are running into troubled waters trying to get to them.

The problem is a worn down dock.

"I went over there and put a new nail in it so it would quit throwing people off of it," says West.

Port Acres resident Randy Kirkgard has also seen people fall in.

"I've seen five or six people fall off this dock," says Kirkgard.

Kirkgard took his concerns to the city of Port Arthur. But, city officials says it's not city property.

The finger was then pointed at the county but the county also says "it's not ours."

"Port Arthur is saying its not theirs. I'm saying its not mine. There's no legal documents that we can find thus far that tells who the boat launch and beneath belongs to," says Commissioner Michael Sinegal.

Sinegal contacted the Texas Department of Transportation who is looking into who owns the property.

Commissioner Sinegal says he's more than willing to spruce up the boat launch but can't just yet.

"Legally, I can't do anything out there until we determine who has control," says Sinegal.

In the meantime, anglers have their dream dock planned out.

"They need to rebuild both these docks and put a walkway back here so people can crab and fish," says Kirkgard.

Commissioner Sinegal tells 12News that the Texas Department of Transportation is planning on updating the road to the boat launch in the next two weeks.

He also says the county and the city of Port Arthur have plans to beef of patrols in the area because of illegal activity under the bridge.


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